Alla Sorokina and Andrei Sorokin, we are the people behind Neolithic Darkroom.

We are a couple of emerging fine art photographers specializing in the creation of original limited edition photographic prints. Self-taught photographers, in our digital world we are totally drawn to analogue photography and darkroom printing, shooting both 35 mm and medium format film.

Over recent years we have developed a particular interest in the Lith Print technique. This is an extremely expressive medium which is able to take photographic creativity onto a new plane.

Conventional black and white negatives are printed using selected gelatin silver photographic papers processed in lith developer. The process is known for its unique ability to produce either strongly graphic or exquisitely delicate prints that respond beautifully to toning. Lith prints have a distinct tonality themselves and may contain warm colored midtones and light tones of unusual delicacy and beauty, sitting alongside shadow tones with the opposite properties of high contrast and cold hues. The result can range from a strong, gritty contrast with hard shadows and warm midtones to prints with soft and muted tones. The actual colors vary with the materials and techniques used.

Lith development is confusingly frustrating, virtually unrepeatable and time consuming, but the rewards are worth all the effort. Seeking blurry traces of magical realism in everyday life and trying to touch the fine line between reality and illusion, we found this technique perfectly suited to render our view of the complicated and elusive nature of the world and human existence - fragile, imperfect, yet unique.

Our first lith prints duo exhibition  Lithosphere2  was shown in Chisinau, Moldova in 2015.

Our work is represented in Moldova by  Alexander Art Gallery.
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